From the recording Me, Myself and I

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Verse 1
Please don’t call me an idiot, just because I won’t be a part of it.
I’d rather live my life enjoyin my time, singin my songs like old John Prine.
I don’t want to take no medicines, I really don’t know what they’re throwin in.
But this is my life so make no doubt, I’ll choose my own way out. And…

I think we’re better off when we self medicate, just smoke a big fatty by the garden gate.
For years they’ve told us how to just say no, but they lied when they told us where the no should go.

Verse 2
I don’t know if their stuff is good or bad, but given their record I’d say we’re all had.
With all their drugs and their side effects, they’re turning healthy bodies into human wrecks.
The CDC, and Doctor Fauci they’re all tryin to put their stuff in to me.
I’ll give a big smile and then I’ll say, I’d rather live life my own way. Cause…

Repeat chorus

Verse 3
I guess I’ll crawl down from my soap box now, and shuffle along with a faceless crowd.
So if you’ve got something to speculate, you better get on facebook before it’s too late.
I know your opinion has to be the best, you’ve already told me where to stick the rest.
I know the sun don’t shine beneath the trees, and that’s where I’d rather be. Still…

Repeat chorus

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