Pecos Red©

The story your about to hear could be the truth or it could be a lie,

but it's the legend of how the outlaw Pecos Red had died.

Now it was a good 150 years or so ago when Red ran through these very hills.

They say he never met a man he didn't rob, or found a home he didn't  burn,

and that every time he met a lawman they soon met their maker.

Now that was until he came upon this little town right around a bend in the road. 
 The trail has nearly faded away, you see it's been a lot of years since people 

have wanted to travel to that old town. Now the Marshall of this area was fast and smart, 

so when he heard that Red was around he set up an ambush and took ol' Red without a 

single shot being fired. Well now if you ever feel exceptionally brave and you wonder into 

town you'll see a big dip in the ground with three big rocks on it right outside the Courthouse.

Well they say that was where the biggest oak tree in these parts stood and it was in that tree 

that they hung Pecos Red. Now the very minute Red died the ground started shaken it opened 

up and swallowed that tree and Red right along with it. Well the town's folk gathered up 

those  giant rocks and put 'em on top of  the ground to keep ol' Red right where he belonged…….

but it didn't work.

When the moon and the stars are all shining bright, 

this is the time Pecos Red rules the night.

He fills these hills with chills and moans, 

from the clacking and clanking of his rotted old bones.

And they say when the witching hour grows near,

grown men have been known to run and cry with fear.

For they know if they're caught they soon will be dead,

and their souls will belong to old Pecos Red.

So believe and ride hard for your lives you must race,

before you meet Pecos Red and become part of this place. 



Death of an Old Man©

Now this is the tale of a bitter old man,
who lived out his life all alone on his land.
Till the one fateful day when a stranger arrived,

who would not show his face who only would hide.

In the middle of the night the old man heard a sound,

but when he lifted his head there was no one around.

He tried to ignore these noises he heard,

it might be a deer or a flock of small birds.

Then out of the night came a piercing cold blow,

the wind began howling it started to snow.

A cold hand stretched out and covered his eyes,

and the old man knew it was his turn to die.

With the dawn not a trace of the old man could be found,

just a cold white powder that lay on the ground.

His legacy’s now over his soul no longer burns,

until the longest day when the old man shall return. 


The Gamble of a Life©


A gamblin' man with pockets full of treasures he had won,
was ridin' on a faded trail beside a setting sun.
Till on a hill he stopped to bed above an old ghost town,
when fear began to flood his mind and common sense was drown.
He heard the sounds of ivory played loudly on the wind,
and the laughter of the drunken crowd was like a long lost friend.
He stumbled down and through the door of the broken down saloon,
to a table stained with blood and beer at the far side of the room.
An old cowboy looked through his hat into the gamblers eyes,
and said the only stakes accepted here are souls and weak men's lives.
The cards were low the fates were high each tall hand found him short,
and the sounds of laughter muffled down to the silence of a court.
The gambler never won a hand his streak of luck grew worse,
he knew that he was facing death, his soul had now been cursed.
He pleaded with the cowboy don't take my life tonight,
for if you let me greet the sun I'll take the path that's right.
The cowboy looked back through his hat with a stare both dark and cold,
and said your luck is changing son I'll trade your life for all your gold.
He said in life I wore a star and vowed to help all men,
and to take the soul of an honest man would surely be a sin.
In the morn the gambler woke up with sunshine on his face,
and all the treasures he had held were gone without a trace.
No footprints lay upon the ground no one was seen afar,
but laying right beside his boots was a rusty old tin star.



The “True” American Way of Life© 


The red stripes have been painted, by the blood upon your hands.

The white is now the silence, your fear has placed upon our land.

The blue would be our hearts, and the sadness that we feel. 

As we ask how far your greed will go, and how much can you steal. 

You’ve changed the constitution, and the boundaries that it set.

And turned the world into a battle ground, as you kill with no regret.

So now wars are being started, over hatred fueled by lies.

But we’re told to kill those terrorists, so we ignore the innocent cries. 

We can hear from neath the Towers, voices shouting out to heaven.

They are calling for some justice, and the truth of 9-11.

The enemies we have to fight, were created by your lust.

And you’ll kill the earth and all she holds, as you plead for all our trust. 

We’re supposed to stand for freedom, and heroes died to make it true.

So we have no place for these senseless acts, we have no place for you. 

Now it’s time we join together, and put an end to all our strife.

And we’ll live as one with joy and peace, the “true” American way of life. 



Her anger rings like thunder, her teardrops fall like rain, 
She can gently reach into your soul, and free your hidden pain.
She'll love you when you deserve it least, and share your troubled times,
She'll comfort you in times of woe, and ease your worried mind.
She's the rock you always lean on, though at times she may seem frail,
She'll always be right by your side, the wind beneath your sail.
She does none of this for treasure, this goddess from above,
For all she ever hopes to find, is your heart, your soul, and your love.

                                 I can't do it twice©

He’d been to school a good five years, and learned all that they could teach.
and on Sunday mornings he’d go to church, and heard all that they could preach.
Everyone he ever knew, always shared there sound advise.
Of all the thing he should strive to be, and he tried it once or twice.
But with every change he’d try to make, it seems they'd always find.
Just one more little tiny thing, that would make him more refined.
But then one day he found a life, that finely made some sense.
To be ridin' on an open trail, never shackled by a fence.
So he packed his bags by the morning light, and said all of his goodbyes.
And then he kissed his momma on the cheek, and told her not to cry.
He said he’d joined a cattle drive, and they were forming by twin creeks.
2000 head they’ll push up north, and that it would take at least 12 weeks.
The money’s good he told his Ma, and I can save to buy us land.
And you can finally live in something nice, that we build with our own hands.
He saddled up and with a chuckling voice, said well this is my new home.
And this horse and I will work as one, no matter where we roam.
The trail was tough but he found it fun, and for weeks he smiled each day.
Until fall rains had filled the creeks and he was glad he’d learned to pray.
Now the banks were fat and the currents swift, but there was no time to rest.
For they were pushing north to meet a heard, that was driving from the west.
So he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, and gave his horse a kick.
And he found himself in an icy grave, and he started feeling sick.
His head was swimming from fear and dread, and he felt his end was nigh.
Then he found the strength from deep within to reach the other side.
As he stood upon the muddy banks, he knew his life had changed.
For everything he felt inside, had now been rearranged.
From that day on he looked at life, as a very special gift.
And they say that just to cross his path, would give your soul a lift.
He never left that cowboy life, and he rode for all his years.
And through times of strife or loss of friends, it never brought him tears.
For he said each day is a precious thing, and we all should know it’s worth.
And for him to live on the open range, was his own slice of heaven on earth.
So every day as I put on my boots, I remember this cowboy's advise.
As I greet the day I’ll take all that it gives, for I know I can’t live it twice.



They found her in the morning midst the fierce and driving rain  with blood upon her hands and on her face.
She never spoke another word and it seemed she could not hear and she spent her years just staring into space.
So she took the story with her and her secrets go unveiled of that stranger who had died out in the cold.
And though his bones were never found and the woman is now gone upon this day his story shall be told. 
It began back in the springtime when the flowers were in bloom and a young girls head was easy to be turned.
With talks of love and growing old and nights beneath the stars when love and faith were never to be earned.
He was only passing through on his way to find his fame when he saw her in the garden by her home.
Now he knew he'd have to ask her name and maybe pitch some woo then tell her how he hates to be alone.
She thought her life was perfect and this time could never change as she made her plans of being a new bride.
And through the summer months she grew more in love each day never knowing that the young mans lust had died.
But when all the leaves began to fall and cold winds filled the air his heart and soul to her had now turned blind.
So he packed his things by the pale moon light and set off on the road not knowing all the things he left behind.
He would never find a truer love in this life that he had chose though he traveled many miles he felt the pain.
When every girl he ever met reminded him of her till he wondered if he might have gone insane.
It was the morning of the day he left  when she ran up to his door so glad to share the news of their new child.
But the vision of an empty room pierced deeply in her soul and she knew the love she felt had been defiled.
Her mind was racing franticly as she ran out in the woods as dark clouds were filling up the sky.
She knew she'd have to go away to hide her family's shame and from that day on she'd live within a lie.
Now the rain began pouring down and the hillside became slick and the tears had made it hard for her to see.
So she never saw the washed out ridge or the jagged rocks below but as she fell the whole town heard the scream.
But when she finally stood again she knew that she had lost the child she'd considered a god send.
And so she wondered through the woods not knowing where to go feeling that her life was at an end.
So when they found her in the morning with blood upon her hands the whole town thought her lover was the one.
Who died that night in the driving rain but never would they find  the truth that she had lost her unborn son.  

                The heart of a bigoted fool©

Although my eyes are open, I’m blind to all the world,
from the torment and the pain they feel, and the hell that’s been unfurled.
I hear voices all around me but I’m deaf to all the cries,
of the children dying in every land, and the governments constant lies.
I will offer my hand in friendship but only if we share,
the same religious and political views, and uniformity of our heirs.
I believe that lives are ours to take along with all the land,
and wall’s are built keep us safe, and keep freedom close at hand.
Now if our hair is not the same and our skin doesn’t match,
I don’t want you in my land, you’re like an itch that I can’t scratch.
The planet that we walk upon is the same for you and me,
Still I’m the one that will rule this earth, while you shall never be free.
Now if these words upset you remember it’s just a tool,
to show the world an angry mind and the heart of a bigoted fool. 


                          Wag the dog©

The governments control the news, so all we hear are lies.
And everything they call the truth, is just more alibis.
They take lives in the name of peace, and wars are fought for god.
Then they treat the Earth beneath their feet, as nothing more than sod.
It seems that they have no idea, nor would they really care.
About all the hell their games create, or the amounts of our despair.
Our basic rights are stripped away, with each slash of a pen. 
And every time a nation votes, these madmen always win.
It feels as though our hands are tied, and the only light we see.
Is the hope that we all join as one, and prove that we are free.
Then we could find a better class, to represent us all.
For the best they have to offer us, will only lead us to a fall.
Of, for, and by the people, are now myths and fairytales.
As promises slide from their lips, then blow off with the gales.
So now we all sit and watch the tail, slowly wag the dog.
and spend our lives in constant fear, surrounded by a fog.
The ones in charge have shown the world, they have no use for law.
So let’s stand together and remember the line, with liberty and justice for us all.