Once again, everywhere I go I hear the same thing, the Republicans did this to the Democrats, or the Democrats did this to the Republicans. We were taught in school, united we stand and divided we fall, then we allow a two party system to encourage us to fight against friends, family, and neighbors while they conduct business as usual. There is no difference between the two parties. Our government controls everything their way while they ignore the wants and needs of the people. We fight about who’s fault it is, but the truth is it’s our fault. Stand up for the real America. Demand to have representation that is for the American people, not a special interest group. We need real people, not politicians. The mere mention of politician makes the skin crawl on most of the people in this country, and yet through the pressure of our government they are forced to vote for another politician with the same agenda as the one he replaces. We must insure that the leaders of this country know how to lead. As I have already stated the first thing we need to do is tend to the wants and needs of our people. The needs of our people are health, not only of the health of the people but of the land, happiness, which includes not living in constant fear of being drawn into another political conflict, and the ability to care for our own families, which means financially as well as spiritually. The wants of our people are equality and honesty, and need our leaders to return the constitution back to the way it was meant to be. If the average American citizen were to commit the crimes that our politicians commit, we would be imprisoned and marked as traitors against our great nation. We must remember, our forefathers placed safeguards within the constitution to protect us against this kind of behavior. Demand leaders that stand for the constitution and the needs of the American people.                                       Lee Harmon