From the recording Me, Myself and I

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Verse 1
A flashing smile across the room, a fading glance that ends too soon,
your moments gone, as you blink an eye.
Love is there till you look it’s way, like the shadows it can run and play,
and like a song, it can make you cry. Oh or bring rainbows to a dark and cloudy sky.

When darkness looms, and lightning strikes, and the shadows seem to steal away your sight, let love be your light.

Verse 2
The gentle touch of a life that’s new, painted clouds of pink and blue,
can change your soul, nothing stays the same.
Three has now turned to one, something new has now begun,
and with this role, comes a whole new game. Oh now you can soar in life or crash in a burning flame.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
The smell of flowers fill the air, tears and black veils everywhere,
it’s hard to believe, that this day is here.
This circle game will never end, one life stops a new begins,
there’s no need to grieve, or to live in fear. Oh now the love we leave behind won’t disappear.

Repeat Chorus

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