From the recording Me, Myself and I

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Verse 1
You can dig down to the bottom just to see who’s on the top,
it don’t matter what you find there the crimes will never stop.
Life is just a losing game where we’re all being played,
and the wars are just the camouflage for the money being made.

Verse 2
I have never been a common man I was shunned by my own clan,
cause I believe that everyone should love their fellow man.
We’ve all been taught to separate and we’ve all been taught hate,
it’s time we learn the truth in life before it’s all too late.

Verse 3
Illusions and lies they fill our lives from the classrooms and the news,
it’s all designed to numb your mind and leave you with the blues.
With gender split to eighty foal confusion is at hand,
and the children pay the final price for the ignorance of man.

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