1. Just because

From the recording Me, Myself and I

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I went down to the local bank to get a new car loan,
and the way they hung me out to dry made me feel so all alone.
They wore masks of friends and neighbors only there to fill my needs,
as they filled there pockets with my gold and bask in all their greed.

So don’t call yourself a cowboy just because you wear a hat,
and don’t call yourself a model just because you aren’t fat.
Just because you say it’s so it don’t turn your lies to truth,
cause not matter what disguise you wear you’ll always be just you.

I saw a singer at a country show with rainbows on his head,
and his shirt and jeans were wrinkled like he’d worn them both to bed.
His boots were old and dirty and didn’t fit quite right,
as he sang of country wisdom that he’d learned neath city lights.

Repeat Chorus

I stopped into a chapel to try and give my mind some peace,
and I saw the gold that lined their halls and the poor that lined their seats.
You can dress in robes and sandals and preach about the truth,
But a picture paint a thousand words and your lies ain’t nothing new.

Repeat Chorus

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