From the recording Me, Myself and I

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Verse 1
My house was never empty while my weed was passing round,
the moment I stopped handing out my friends all ghosted town.
I tried to love a woman once but my words got in the way,
and my songs songs became our reality and she cried I can not stay.
Now I’m sittin here all alone and stoned, it’s the price I’ve gotta pay.

Verse 2
The clubs are packed where I play my shows but with the lights the party ends,
and the only one left hangin round is some drunk who says he’s my friend.
I walk across the parking lot I hear the sounds of the night,
as hookers call for a victim neath the shadow of their light.
Now I’m walkin here all alone and stoned, prayin I’ll get home alive.

Verse 3
Now I wake up every morning to my coffee and a pipe,
I’m not askin for approval I’ll live my own damn life.
I’ve never brought you any harm so what the hell did I do wrong,
except to tell the truth and write it down in every song.
Now I’m singin here all alone and stoned, and I’m right where I belong.

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