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Till the day you die

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Verse 1
Welcome home to the new world order, where you’re confined with your own little border.
You’d better get comfy and settle in, show em all your invisible grin.
I heard you laugh and say this can’t be, they’ll never steal rights from the land of the free, but they’ve been stealing those rights for a century.

So grab your ankles and get in line, they’re gonna stick needles in your behind, and vaccinate against every germ they find.
And even though their drugs could take your life, they’re hoping this fact won’t bring you strife, but you’ll still have to wear that mask till the day you die.

Verse 2
So if you wanna be part of the happenin’ crowd, you can’t be risky and you can’t be loud.
You’ll have to do everything like they say, don’t question the law or you’re gonna pay.
The way we’re livin’ now there ain’t no grid, we’re all in a pot with a real tight lid, and when your freedoms gone you’ll wonder what they did.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
So now you see there’s only two choices, sit on your cans or raise your voices.
To end this game we must be one, from the farmers daughter to the bankers son.
Or keep slidin’ down those spiral stairs, till you reach a place where nobody cares, and then fall into a hole and pretend it’s your lair.

Repeat Chorus

Yea you’ll still have to wear that mask till the day you die.

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