1. Learn to give

From the recording When It's Not

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Learn to give

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Verse 1:
I met an old man on the hillside, with dirt upon his hands.
He ask me where he belonged in life, without his land.
He said for forty years I’ve worked these hills and I’ve tried to make a life,
but lord I feel right now I’ve done it in strife.

Verse 2:
I met a family on the roadside, with a tent in which they lived.
A child looked up at me and smiled, said we’ve got nothing left to give.
Except the faith that we were born with and I swear we’ve got a chance,
if the world stands up together and joins hands.

Verse 3:
I met a young girl on the bayside, with a new life in her soul.
Her family’s filled with hatred, she feels there’s no place left to go.
She’s searching for compassion she’s only met with grief,
she feels the end of life could be her release.

Verse 4:
For the old man on the hillside, and the family on the road.
The young girl on the bayside, ah they carry such a load.
For they represent us one and all and the pain we have to live,
and it’s time we learned together just how to give.

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