1. When it's not

From the recording When It's Not

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When it's not

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Verse 1
The world is only round when it isn’t flat,
And news is only news when it’s not a fact.
Nobody knows nothing except what they believe,
And what they see is just what they perceive.

Verse 2
There are no wars around the world except where there are,
And congress never goes nowhere but go too far.
Peace is just a sign and deaths a part of life,
And happiness is bliss until it’s strife.

Everyone is just alike and no one is the same,
Everyday is sunshine unless it’s pouring rain.
We trust in god but curse his name whenever we’re upset,
And we try to love each day of life except ones we regret.

Verse 3
I swear I’ll always love you till I don’t no more,
And I’ll always be a rich man unless I am poor.
I’ll always tell the truth until I have to lie,
And I’ll always live my life unless I have to die.

Now to every great story there must be and end,
Or maybe it’s the place where it all begins.
The only thing that lies ahead is waiting just for you,
Your choice is feeling good or feeling blue.

Repeat Chorus

We try to love each day of life except ones we regret.

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