1. Busted

From the recording When It's Not

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I was sittin in a bar down in Texas and decided that I’d have me a little toke.
I knew the man here didn’t want it and I really shouldn’t flaunt it but I thought that this law was just a joke.
I went out to my car and cracked the window and started to have a little fun.
From there it didn’t go to well cause this cowboy caught the smell and started in to dialin’ 9-1-1. Now….

I’m busted and doin’ 90 days.
And the weed wasn’t even that high grade.
Now I dearly love the people here there’re straight and to the point.
So just make sure you’re all alone and then fire up your joint.

First I heard this tappin’ on my tail lights, and just as I began to turn around.
There was a big man with a star who said boy vacate your car then spread your arms and legs across the ground.
First he searched the console and the glovebox then he started going through my trunk.
I said there’s really no more need cause I don’t have no more weed just that one joint of stinky Texas skunk. So….

Repeat chorus

Now I’m cleaning up the streets and the highways I don’t like it but they say it’s what I need.
But I’m making lots of friend and we’re all making our amends and all of us are here for smokin weed.
It seems in here the days they are a crawlin gittin longer as I watch each minute roll.
Now my head is hangin low and I really wanna go I need to get back home and smoke a bowl. But….

Repeat Chorus

Just make sure you’re all alone and then fire up your joint.

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