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The cold winds crying

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Verse 1:
I can see the dark clouds moving in,
and I can feel it changing once again.
They've made us numb with senseless war.
And I hear the cold winds crying, and I fear it doesn't matter anymore.

Verse 2:
We've been divided by their games,
They hide the truth by shifting blame.
There is no difference in them all.
Still I hear the cold wind crying, and I fear that we're all headed for a fall.

I pray someday we'll look around us,
and see we are the same in every land.
We've all been taught to hate the things we can't understand,
and we've forgotten how to love our fellow man.

Lead: = 1 verse.

Verse 3:
If life is measured by our love,
do you feel you're ready to be judged?
Have you followed blindly to their lies?
Or can you hear the cold wind crying, do you feel that all of mankind soon will die?

Do you fear that all of mankind soon will die?

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