1. Show them Love

From the recording When It's Not

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Show them Love

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Verse 1:
My trust is fading fast knowing the way they feel,
they'd gladly kill the Earth to find what they can steal.
They give a solemn smile stand there and tell us lies,
of how they've earned our faith but don't trust the other side.

I think it's time that we all stand together side by side, and let our voices ring to every ear.
To take a neighbors hand and pull them to our heart show them love without the greed and fear.

Verse 2:
Death falls from the sky by those who share our name,
but they don't have to care they'll find someone to blame.
Our waters all run red from washing your dirty hands
is this what our fathers meant when they called this the promise land

Repeat Chorus:

Lead: = verse

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 3:
I've heard the holy men say we must trust in God,
but all other faiths are wrong it just seems to damn odd.
The key to life it seems lies deep within us all,
but we must live as one or surely we must fall.

Repeat Chorus:

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