1. Back to hell

From the recording When It's Not

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Back to hell

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Verse 1: & 2
Sittin’ by the campfire, a tin cup in my hand.
Through the moonlight in the distance,
I saw the shadow of a man.
And the air took on a ghostly chill that night.
with the coyote's softly moanin,
the stranger rode into the light.
His clothes were old and dirty,
his face was deathly pail.
And I could tell that this cowboy,
was too long on the trail.
as he stepped down lightning flashed across the sky.
He smiled and said that most men never see me,
till the day they die.

He told me that he rode with Ford the day that Jesse died,
and when Pat Garret took the Kid he was standin' by his side.
From the Daltons to the Clantons he watched as each man fell,
then he gathered up their ragged souls and took em on back to Hell.


Repeat Chorus:

Verse 3:
The night turned deadly quiet,
his eyes began to glow.
He climbed up on his stallion,
he said I gotta go.
but remember if you should see my face again,
you know I only warn em once,
and outlaws they never win.

Now remember boy I rode with Ford on the day that Jesse died,
when Pat Garret took the Kid I was standin by his side.
You better choose the path you take and you better choose it well,
or I'll gather up your ragged soul and take you on back to Hell.

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