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Things you cannot change

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Things you cannot changeĀ©

Verse 1&2:
Ridin' through a dusty town on a windy day,
and decided that I'd have a beer to pass the time away.
Walked up through those swingin' doors and had a look around,
I saw three women kneelin' by a dead man on the ground.
I thought I'd get a closer look there couldn't be no harm,
and just about that time an old man grabbed me by the arm.
Said the things that I will tell you boy will someday save your life,
he died to save the honor of his drunken cheating wife.

Never throw your life away for things you cannot change,
'cause when hearts are lost without true love just hatred will remain.
Never lose your faith to what you never could believe,
and you'll fly away you'll never find the things you should receive.

Verse 3:
Sunrise the next morning brought the killer's judgment day,
and he stepped before the hangin' judge without a word to say.
Everybody knew his fate they knew the end was near,
but the ringing of the old man's words was all that I could hear.

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 4:
The killer's death came short and swift and there was no one to cry,
twenty years had left him lone beneath that solemn sky.
As I ride the trail of life toward that setting sun,
I'll be thankful for the lessons and the treasures I have won.

I'll never throw my life away for things I cannot change,
'cause when hearts are lost without true love just hatred will remain.
I'll never lose my faith to what I never could believe,
and I'll fly away and find the things I know I should receive. `

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