1. Hollow

From the recording The Life That We Once Knew

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Verse 1&2:
I was sittin in the back of a church one day, I started in to reading this little black book.
It said all men are brothers on the earth, no matter how they speak or how they look.
(At least that’s what it said in the book)
Now that got me to thinkin’ what the government said, of how those people were a danger and wrong.
Shouldn’t come in to this country no more, it ain’t a land where they belong.
(So just grab a gun and send them along) cause…

It seems everybody loves a border war,
ya just kill ‘em all you won’t see ‘em anymore.
To me it all sounds like genocide,
but you don’t really care cause you’re hollow inside.

Verse 3&4:
Now you cross your borders into other peoples land, you start a little war, call the land your own.
The ones who’ve lived there all their lives, will have to move out of their home.
(And you’re the first one to cast your stone)
Now you’ve got two faces that you turn to the world, but neither one will show who you truly are.
You won’t be happy till you’ve stole it all, and then you’ll try to conquer all the stars.
(And you’ll never think you went too far) cause…

Repeat Chorus:

Lead:=1 verse.

Verse 5:
Now a brother shouldn’t never treat a brother this way, I don’t think God would ever understand.
You take away the life from the ones he made, just so you can steal a little land.
(I don’t think that's what he envisioned for man) but…

Repeat chorus:

If you can justify the means then you’re hollow inside…

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