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Carved by blessed hand

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The hills of Texas lay before me, I wonder what waits beyond my sight.
The comfort of a family met in passing, or the fear of outlaws looking for a fight.
The beauty of her land has left me breathless, it's hard to do it justice with mere words.
For I've seen and heard the dances of the red man, and felt the thunder of the mighty herd.

I can feel my blood rushing through me, as I stare across the vastness of this land.
No fences stand to stop a man from wanderin', just the beauty carved by a blessed hand.

Verse 2:
I've watched the sunset on the Cypress, along the banks where mighty rivers flow.
It lingers with the feeling of enchantment, from the time that she was still old Mexico.
I have seen the strength of neighbors standing, side by side through happiness and strife.
They'll join as one so we can have the freedom, to live that Texas friendly way of life.

Repeat chorus:

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