From the recording The Life That We Once Knew

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Just a little clearer

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Verse 1:
When you’re walkin down a crooked road a straight line’s hard to find,
when you’re worried about everybody’s business yours seems hard to mind.
Never say you know someone till you’ve spent time in there shoes,
and never expect a happy song from the one who sings the blues.

Verse 2:
Promises cannot be broke or hearts will follow soon,
it doesn’t matter what you shared beneath your silvery moon.
A love cannot be given till you’ve learned to love yourself,
and your problems can’t be bottled up and then stored upon some shelf.

For the only life that belongs to you is the one that you were given,
and the only thing that changes yours is the way that you’ve been liven.
Stop blamin’ everybody else and just look straight in the mirror,
and maybe you’ll start seein' things just a little clearer.

Lead = 1 verse:

Verse 3:
So you see it really matters how you choose to live your life,
for like I said you’re the only one who could ever bring you strife.
Just choose the way you want to live and be happy with your choice,
and sing the songs you want to sing and be happy with your voice.

Repeat Chorus:

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