1. Spirit

From the recording The Life That We Once Knew

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Verse 1:
Summers night near the end of June, the water glistened 'neath a haloed moon.
Swore their love neath the stars above, as the night winds sang a song .
The years flew by like an old freight train, they saw their share of the cold dark rain.
But through it all they never lost the faith, that they were right where they belonged.

Their love keeps growing wild and free and stronger everyday,
the trust they share could light their darkest hours.
Side by side they’ll walk as one until the end of time,
and the spirit of their love will never die.

Verse 2:
The children grew and they moved away, but far from home they would never stray.
Their lives were bound by the memories of their family and friends.
The tree of life will always grow, if in our hearts we will always show.
The joy of love was always meant to share, and the circle never ends.

Repeat Chorus:
No the spirit of their love will never die.

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