From the recording The Life That We Once Knew

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The life that we once knew

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Verse 1&2:
I wonder what the future holds in store, when we've raped the earth until she gives no more. Will we simply turn and blame our fellow man, while the blood and dirt is dripping from our hands?

I wonder if the war machines will cease, we'll finally share the land and live in peace. Will we stop and mourn the children of the world, or close our eyes and wait for hell to be unfurled?

We'll all just wave goodbye to the waters of the world, to the fresh air we'll bid a fond adieu. We'll all say adios to the green grass that we've walked on, and say a prayer for the life that we once knew.

Verse 3&4:
I wonder if we'll open up our eyes, and realize we're living in a lie. Or continue to accept it all as fate, we need to see the truth before it's all too late.

I wonder if we'll finally join as one, and work to change the damage that we've done. Now together we can have the life we choose, torn apart our only recourse is to loose.

Repeat Chorus:

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