From the recording The Life That We Once Knew

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Spiderwebs and lace

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Verse 1:
Every day I wake with teardrops in my eyes, I just can’t handle all the pain.
I feel my mind gently slipping far away, I must be going insane.

Reality has turned into a dream, where I’m floating into space.
My heart can’t handle all those memories, wrapped up in spiderwebs and lace.
Darkness is all that I can face.

Verse 2:
I left you alone and fertile with a child, never knowing why I lied.
You took your life on a cold and rainy night, and now it’s killing me inside.

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 3:
Ten long years Have haunted at my heart, a ghostly haze upon my soul.
I peer outside through mirrors in my mind, reflecting only days of old.

Repeat Chorus:

It’s all that I can face.

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