1. Black Sunday

From the recording The Life That We Once Knew

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Black Sunday

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Verse 1:
The air was parched and the earth was gasping, the preachers said this was everlasting, as the wind began to cry, throwing shadows over all their eyes. To feed a war they had starved the farm lands, fertile soil was now a waste land, and many turned to God to blame his hand.

And the sun was stolen from their blue skies, as the colors of their world were turned to gray.
And they prayed that life would shine again someday, but only darkness filled their world on Black Sunday.

Verse 2:
The damage caused was their own invention, it wasn’t God it man’s intention, to steal the life from the earth below, and to the devil all the hardships throw. Left behind was their dreams of treasures, the hell they caused created drastic measures, and California offered gold and simple pleasures.

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 3:
Many years have passed before us, we rape the land, we strip the forest, we kill for oil and toxic schemes, then ignore all the children's screams. We need to stop all this separation, from ourselves and from foreign nations, and learn to live in peace without temptation.

Or the sun will disappear from our blue skies, and the colors of our world will turn to gray.
Then we can pray that life will shine again someday, but our world will be as dark as Black Sunday.

Our world will be as dark as Black Sunday.

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