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A relative word

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Every time I hear the news I’m shocked but I’m never surprised,
how half of what they say it just half truths and the other half's bold faced lies.
Every channel that I check those stories seem change,
as they trade the facts for the corporate gold and the truth it gets rearranged.

Truth is just a relative word and it changes from mouth to mouth.
and the morals that we should’ve learned as kids they've packed up and headed south.
We embrace the hell that’s known as war we turn our backs on forgiveness and love.
While the torment and pain keep pourin' down like rain from the heavens above.

A preacher on a T.V. show said he was worried about how I'll feel,
for some pieces of gold he could fix my soul and it sounded like a hell of a deal. I gathered my money and I sent it to him though I couldn’t pay Peter or Paul,
and instead of the riches that he promised me well the bank came and took it all.

Repeat Chorus:

‘We've all heard of the golden rule and we know what’s wrong and right,
still we follow the laws that could ruin our lives and we never even give 'em a fight.
They wanna build up walls to keep people out and to keep separation in,
and as long as we follow all these lies this world will never win.

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