1. Paradise

From the recording What You Choose To Share

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Verse 1&2:
Paradise is nothing more than loving you each day,
and nothing less than holding you, in my arms, you take my breath away.
The day we met was like a dream the way you smiled at me,
the way your eyes could touch my soul, I didn't know, my heart could feel so free.

And everyday we spend together, it brings a new joy to my life.
And every time that you smile at me, you take away the pain,
and the strife, I'm back in paradise.

Verse 3&4:
We shared our vows underneath that clear blue summer sky,
we swore our love would always be, a place where we, would help each other fly.
Growing old together in each others arms we'll find,
the kind of life we've always dreamed, would set us free, and I've been there in my mind.

Repeat Chorus:

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