1. Sparks to fire

From the recording What You Choose To Share

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Sparks to fire

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Verse 1:
Hello my dear it’s time to go this is our last goodbye.
For if I spend the night with you I fear my soul will die.
I lived my life a simple man with no shackles on my heart.
Until the day I fell for you and it tore my world apart.

Now I wonder who I am and what I have become,
For I tried to change so many times just to prove I am the one.
I know I’ll never be the kind of man that you desire,
and I know I’ll never be the one that'll turn your sparks to fire.

Verse 2:
There was a time when I was sure no questions in my mind.
But now I’m walking into walls and I'm acting like I’m blind.
I’ve heard the tales about true love how it will never die.
Still I can’t feel it in your touch and lord it makes me cry.

Repeat Chorus:

Verse 3:
Well now I’m staring down the road at a world that’s full of bends.
And there ain’t no way that I can tell just where my story ends.
I know my heart will heal again and I’ll find a love someday.
But the darkness and the pain I feel is like a lonesome grave.

Repeat Chorus:
I know I’ll never be the one that'll turn your sparks to fire.

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