Welcome to the home of Lee Harmon and “Wooden Music”. It is a pleasure to bring to you a completely unique sound of music. I call my music “Wooden Music”, because I play only acoustic, and  my style of playing and lyrics are completely unique to any music out there, they are so dynamic that they are recognized the moment you hear them. I am a musician, singer and songwriter, and I arranged, played, sang, recorded and mastered, every part of my music. The sharing of everyone’s knowledge and compassion from all around the world continues to inspire this creation of “Wooden Music”. It doesn’t take money to make the world go round, it just takes people, and the right musical sound". I hope you enjoy ”Wooden Music” as much as I enjoy creating it. Thank you, and have a music filled, Texas friendly day.


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An original song about truth.

Could this be the future of earth?


A song I wrote for a local movie.

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