Verse 1&2:
From the cold of a pitch black sky, the snow was falling much too hard to see.
As his pack became a frozen weight, he felt his very life begin to flee.
And when he fell upon a bed of white he saw a bright star shinning.
And suddenly the squall was not so wild.
Then in a flash the storm had stopped, the piercing wind no longer cut his skin.
The light grew ever brighter, and was soon replaced by visions of three men.
They claimed to be the spirits of the season he embraced brought forth from his love for every child.

They offered him a place to live among the stars and return each year to spread his peace and joy.
To travel cross the earth in the spanning of one night, and bring love and faith to every girl and boy.

Verse 3&4:
His tales are told in many lands and many names are given for his deeds.
And children count the days and nights that lead to his return on Christmas eve.
Then when the night is through he leaves a peace across the land.
And the hope that it will last for ever more.
When colors light the winter nights just open up your hearts and let it in.
And know love can be contagious and it always starts from just a simple grin.
Then hold it tight within your life as you live every day, and you’ll find that love is what this season’s for.

Repeat Chorus:

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