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Verse 1
Far away in the mountains, you'll hear the echoes of ages.
Telling the stories they lived by, hoping that we will believe,
that love will set our souls free.

But the walls must come crashing down,
and admit that we're from common ground.
There's no need for the hate or your judgment of worth,
we're all of one people the nation of earth.

Verse 2
Far away in the canyons, you'll hear the cries of the lonely.
Asking for truth and some kindness, hoping that someone will care,
and one day we'll all learn to share.

Repeat Chorus

Lead = chorus

Verse 3
Far away in our own souls, we'll find the answers we've searched for.
To stop the wars of the future, before they can be arranged,
our destiny still can be changed.

Repeat Chorus

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