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Verse 1
Raven hair and emerald eyes and skin of golden brown.
A smile that lit the darkest soul like a beacon to be found.
She never brought an ounce of pain to anyone she met.
Still a coward hid behind his gun, and took her to her death.

So tonight we’ll burn a candle in the sand.
And build a shrine to all the victims in this land.
The cries for peace will go unheard, the prayers will not be known.
For the chaos and the death we face grew from the seeds we’ve sown.

Verse 2
We live a life that’s full of lies then we pass them to our young.
So we hide them all in darkness so their questions won’t be sung.
Then we’ll hang our heads in sorrow and try to catch our breath.
When the hell they face each day in life is harder than facing death.

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3
They spoke of god and country although he’d never take a life.
And how it’s every young mans duty to share this dreadful strife.
They sent him to a foreign land to kill without regret.
Now he’s trapped inside his nightmare a fate much worse than death.

Repeat Chorus

Yea the chaos and the death we face grew from the seeds we’ve sown

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