1. Lied
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A tiskit a tasket you’re trying to put Earth in a casket,
you can shake your head till the day we’re all dead,
but it won’t change what we see.
That her water’s are all filled with oil, and you’ve fracked and cracked our soil,
and we hack and gasp beneath these mask pretending we’re still free.

I’ve seen tridents of fire in the sky,
I watched metal birds belch trails of death and no one’s asking why.
I’ve seen the mountains fade away and be stripped of all their pride,
and I heard folks preach about the truth when all they’ve done is lied.

Now our government has stolen land and they’ve sold to some foreign hands,
and the the greed they feed with their evil deeds, would bring an honest sole to tears.
Now our docks are blocked but our borders not, and in the middle’s where we’re all caught.
And as prices soar and the white house snores we hide inside our fears.

Repeat Chorus

Now I’d be a fan of any man who tells the truth in this great land,
of their lines of crimes and their tell tale signs, of how they put our
rights to death.
our world is changing everyday and it’s changed in every way,
and with your dirty air and your virus scare it’s hard to catch our breath.

Repeat Chorus
Yea I heard folks preach about the truth when all they’ve done is lied.

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