1. See the light
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Verse 1
We’re all in a race against the wind we’re trying to beat the flames,
and every time we make a turn we find a brand new game.
Still we don’t know where we’re going and we don’t know how to stop,
and we wind up on the bottom when we’re reaching for the top.

Verse 2
We go to school to learn of life and learn nothing of the kind,
for they teach us how to follow lies and think as though we’re blind.
Still we take it all for granted and we never learn to give,
then we blame the world around us for the way we have to live.

Life’s not ours to give and take and all things have a worth,
and it doesn’t matter where we hail we’re born upon this earth.
When we hide inside the walls we build we take away our sight,
But as we open up our heart and mind we finally see the light.

Verse 3
We work at jobs to pay for health we seem to throw away,
and free will’s just a couple words they’ve taught us all to say.
Still we stay upon that crowded road that that doesn’t have a bend,
just watching life pass us by until we sadly reach the end.

Verse 4
With every breath we take in life we’re closer to our deaths,
and who’s to say it’s peace we find when they lay us down to rest.
Still we preach of love and kindness as we’re rushing off to war,
and we treat it all as just a game where bodies mark the score.

Repeat Chorus

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