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The sun was rising on the border lands, and the dew shined just like crystal drops of gold.
The birds were singing in the meadows trees, the songs they’ve sang since days of old.
But on the wind a distorted sound comes to steal their dreams,
and peace is now replaced by mans’ machines. for

Verse 1&2
The armies are mounting the missiles take aim,
while both sides are screaming the other’s to blame.
They have no time for talks and for peace they’ve no need,
for the death and the carnage will feed there sick greed.
They claim to know love but they show only hate,
and it seems that destruction is chalked up as fate.
So let’s open our hearts and join hands with the world,
we’ll witness the joys of love be unfurled. 

Now there’s always a reason it’s god or false pride,
which allows them to kill and feel nothing inside.
They’ve divided the world by religion and race,
and they’ve turned faith and love into mistrust and hate. 
Verse 3&4
Now the secret to life would be easy to find, 
if everyone opened their hearts and their minds.
Cause we must live as one let our souls come alive,
for this path that we’re treading we’ll never survive.
And the Prophets once said we must love every man,
but that spans all the world and includes every land.
No matter our home nor the language we speak,
we must seek the truth and give up false belief.

Repeat Chorus:

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