1. The other side
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Every light in the house was on, but not a clue where she had gone, just an empty room where all my things should be.
She took my guitar and my forty five, all my shotguns and most of my knives, and through em in the yard with a sign marked free.

I had good friends that tried to warn me, she was a nest of bees that was gonna swarm me, but I figured they were jealous so they all lied.
Cause I truly thought she was sent from above, a gift from God full of sweetness and love, but now I see she playin' for the devils side.

She closed our account down at the bank, and jumped in a truck with a guy named Hank, then headed down the road to parts unknown.
I know the girl don’t have a clue, but soon she’ll get everything that’s due, cause the pain we reap is equal to the pain we’ve sown.

Repeat chorus

Well all bad things gotta come to an end, and they say that love’ll make a broke heart mend, but true love only happens in a sappy song.
I’ve never been one to hold a grudge but I’ll admit it wouldn’t take but a nudge, to send her back to hell where she come from.

Repeat chorus
Now I see she's playin' for the other side.

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