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Verse 1
Seems it’s time I find me a far less traveled road,
try to shed this black cloud and I'll lighten my heavy load.
And you think that I am deaf and blind but I ain’t dumb,
I know what’s goin on.

Verse 2
Seems that you’ve been reading the lines you’re feeding me,
you keep getting those lies all wrong and now you’ve sunk too deep.
And you blame your problems on a sickness that you made,
to hide what’s goin on.

What’s goin on is poison being forced into our veins,
what’s goin on are noises that are scrambling our brains.
And the only way to make a better life,
is to change what’s goin on.

Verse 3
Take a breath before you speak and change the things you’d say,
show a little kindness it can help us on our way.
And together we will build a whole new world.
and we'll show what’s goin on.

Verse 4
Take a look around you and see who’s standing there,
it only takes a gentle smile to show them that you care.
And if everyone will open up their eyes,
we’ll see what’s goin on.

What’s goin on is people joined together in the streets,
what’s goin on are voices calling out for love and peace.
And a world that stands united without fear,
to become what’s goin on.

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