1. Meant to be

From the recording What You Choose To Share

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Meant to be

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Verse 1&2:
Well I’ve worn big holes in all of my souls, I can’t help singing the blues, I’m walking alone in the pouring rain and I can’t help but think about all the pain, that defines you.
I always tried to play by the rules and to follow the things you’ve said, but then you stash me away in some tiny box and I can’t help but feel that all of these locks, means that I’m screwed. Now…..

I think that it’s finally time to say goodbye to you and to all of your lyin’, head out on the road that’s traveled free.
No fences or walls to hold me in, and I can love all life until my very end,
livin’ my life the way it is meant to be.

Verse 3&4
You try to wash our brains when we are a child and fill 'em with fear and hate, then
you teach us to trust the ones that feed us lies and to everybody else run and hide our eyes, and make no binds.
So now we’re separated by faith and skin and it doesn’t matter how you feel, so we'll shuffle along as we hide from life pretending that we’re happy and there is no strife, let’s free our minds. Now….

Repeat Chorus:

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